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Tricolore Viola String Set- Medium Gauge


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.Tricolore Viola String Set- Medium Gauge.

This is a classic set of Tricolore strings just like the ones available to musicians during the mid-20th century. The set is available in Medium, Light, and Heavy gauges.

It is made up of:

  • Tricolore plain gut A-1 with loop and washer
  • Tricolore plain gut D-2 with loop and washer
  • Tricolore silver wound gut G-3 with knot and washer
  • Tricolore silver wound gut C-4 with knot and washer

Gamut strings are handmade from the very finest natural materials using historical methods. The wound strings are made to historically accurate specifications on the very machines which first manufactured Tricolore strings in the early 20th century. Gamut Music has brought this famous line back to the market so players can enjoy the same warm, rich tone that characterized the masters of old.


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