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JonPaul Bravo Nickel Silver Fully Mounted 4/4 Violin Bow with Ebony Frog


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Beautiful one-piece round stick, dark wood-like finish, fully lined nickel-silver mounted frog, silver-alloy tip. The Bravo feels solid, stable and quick.

The JonPaul Bow history is the story of a family of craftsmen.

In 1960, Peter Prier immigrated to the United States after graduating from the Violin Making School of Bavaria in Mittenwald, Germany. He was a pioneer in many aspects. He brought master skills to the new world, set up a world-class violin shop, and founded the renowned Violin Making School of America. He also began the creation of a non-wood bow long before its time. While fulfilling his passion as a master luthier and teacher, Peter’s wisdom and experience inspired the next generation to create bows of uncompromising quality in the tradition of the fine French masters.

All JonPaul bows share a one piece molding process. Single-piece construction means the stick is strong from tip to button. You can feel secure playing your JonPaul bow indoors, outdoors or in a cramped orchestra pit.

The JonPaul Bravo Model Carbon Fiber 4/4 Violin Bow is ideal for intermediate players.  Nothing on the market plays this well for the money!

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